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Safe Environment

Thank you for your involvement with St. Clement of Rome Parish.  Every parent with children in St. Clement of Rome School, every employee of St. Clement of Rome, and every adult wishing to volunteer to work in any capacity with the children of St. Clement of Rome parish must be in full compliance with the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program (SEP).  Moreover, any adult who volunteers with one of the Parish's Outreach Programs which serves the elderly or vulnerable adults (i.e. Saint Vincent de Paul, Room at the Inn, etc.) must also be fully compliant.  In addition to protecting the vulnerable, SEP also provides a layer of protection for our volunteers against false accusations.  SEP has been in place in every Catholic (Arch)Diocese in the United States since June 2002.  

Reporting Abuse:
Victims of sexual abuse, in addition to contacting civil authorities, are asked to come forward in order to receive pastoral assistance.  Reports of abuse may be made to any Pastor or to:
Sandra Price, Executive Director
Office of Child & Youth Protection
[email protected]
Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division
Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline:
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services
Adult Abuse and Neglect Hotline:
Becoming Compliant:
As of November, 2019, the SEP has four components:

  1. Attending a Protecting God's Children Class
  2. Having a background check run
  3. Watching two training videos:
    • Mandatory Reporters
    • Code of Conduct
  4. Reading and electronically signing a Code of Ethics

Click below for detailed registration instructions.  To find a Protecting God’s Children class and to begin the compliance process go to: https://www.preventandprotectstl.org to complete these steps.

For more information on compliance with the Safe Environment Program, please contact Tricia Dunn, our Child Safety Coordinator, at 314-965-0709, x110 or [email protected].