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Prayer Request

Prayer at St. Clement

There are many opportunities for prayer at Saint Clement. If you are seeking a prayer during Mass for a loved one who is ill, a request for prayer to be placed in the weekly bulletin, a hospital visit, or Communion Call see Contact Us.

We encourage everyone to explore our liturgy schedule on our home page as well as the opportunities offered by our Prayer Ministries on the left side of this page.

The St. Clement Prayer Network consists of several parishioners who have volunteered to commit to pray for a few minutes each day for special intentions.

 Parishioners and non-parishioners alike may make a request by contacting Gracemarie Miller via telephone or email.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (314) 249-8952

A suggested form of the request may include a first name or names, the reason for the request, and optionally a date; in the best interest of all concerned, first names only are used.  Examples of requests are ... "please pray for John who is scheduled for open heart surgery on July 15" ... and ... "please pray for Sara who has been out of work for several months and is finding it difficult in locating employment." 

Requests are passed along to approximately 50 Network members (see list of volunteers) via email or telephone, based upon the member's preference.  The form of the prayer is left to the discretion of the individual network member.

Please note that requests for prayers to be announced at Sunday Masses should be made directly to the rectory.  Requests made to the Prayer Network are not shared with the rectory.

If you are interested in joining the Prayer Network or would like more information about this Network, please contact Gracemarie.

A few Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How often does the prayer network receive requests? It varies.  Some days we may receive numerous requests, while at other times we may go a few days with none.

2. Do you receive updates from those who have made a past prayer request? We encourage the requester to update us with status, but we leave this to the individual to share with us.