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There are two Garden Committees/Groups at St Clement, for the Church Gardens and the Sanctity of Life Shrine.

Church Garden

The Mission of the Church Garden Committee is to tend and nurture the gardens outside the church windows, with a goal of adding natural beauty to the church.  We also tend the rectory patio garden and the flower bed at the church sign on Bopp Road.  Our committee does the design, planting, weeding, trimming and other tasks necessary in a garden, with generous and appreciated support from the maintenance staff.  This past year we planted many new items in the church gardens, adding height with an end goal of making the gardens more visible to everyone in church.  Members of our organization generally meet at church on Tuesdays after the 8am mass.   We do our chores, and then sometimes have coffee, or maybe swap plants from our own yard.  We truly enjoy the work we do. 

The Sanctity of Life Shrine Garden

The St Clement Pro-Life Committee implemented the The Sanctity of Life Shrine as an outdoor garden area commemorating the 40 th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade.  All are invited to pray for Life and to end abortion.  Flowers are planted to enhance the beauty of the Shrine.  Work on this garden area also involves the design, planting, weeding, and trimming of the garden.   The schedule for the Sanctity of Life Shrine Garden Group varies as the need arises. 


Join us – it’s a great way to give back to the church and the community!  Whether you have lots of gardening experience or just want to learn, you are welcome to either garden committee.  We have some gardeners who come almost every week, and some who are able to come only occasionally.  We are happy to have you regardless of your experience or availability.  Bring your gloves, a clipper or garden scissors and a weeding tool, if you have them. 
For the Church Garden Committee, contact Jeannie Murphy or Kathy Landmann. For the Sanctity of Life Shrine Garden Committee, contact Jeanne Fluri.  
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