Miracle of the Week

For the next several weeks, St. Clement of Rome will be featuring Eucharistic miracles in honor of the National Eucharistic Revival. We invite you to stop in at church and look at the poster board in the vestibule.
These miracles are truly a gift from Our Lord to help us realize that Jesus meant what He said when He proclaimed, “My Flesh is food for the world." The Eucharist will sustain our souls throughout our lifetime.

March 18-24: Miracle of the True Cross of Caravaca 

A Muslim king, wanting to understand Catholicism more, asked a priest to celebrate Mass. A cross, which must be present at Mass was forgotten. The Muslim king witnessed two angels, placing a cross on the altar during the Mass. In time, the king and his family converted to Catholicism. Since that day in 1231, the cross can be seen at the Santa Cruz church in Caravaca de la Cruz. This miracle is honored every seven years by celebrating the Perpetual Jubilee at the shrine where the Holy Cross is kept.

March 11-17:  Eucharistic Miracle in Betania, Venezuela

At holy mass, during consecration, the priest saw the Host begin to bleed. Over 30 years later the blood is still fresh. The conclusion from scientific studies is that this is truly live human blood.

March 4-10:  Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

During Mass, at consecration, the host visibly changed into a circle of Flesh and the wine into bright Red Blood. In 1970, scientists concluded that The Flesh is real human flesh & The Blood is real human blood. This miracle occurred in the 8th century & HAS REMAINED FLESH & BLOOD FOR 1200 YEARS!!